15 Reasons to Date a Pharmacist

Next time you’re picking right up a prescription, you shouldn’t be afraid to make some deliberate eye contact using the lovely pharmacist behind the counter.

Listed below are 15 reasons to date a pharmacist:

1. Pharmacists are taught to end up being extremely alert to your overall health requirements — this is why all of them extremely great audience.

2. Your own date can realize your desire which will make choices and gives advice on the location.

3. The majority of pharmacists have strong men and women skills. They can be friendly, user-friendly, gentle and reassuring.

4. The fun “drug dealership” laughs.

5. Pharmacists make great cash â€” and then have job security. We are going to usually need people to distribute medications and offer over-the-counter medical advice.

6. Pharmacists have been in demand and may work very nearly anywhere. Should your work exchanges you around the world, your own pharmacist companion will likely be capable move, also.

7. Pharmacists have great understanding of human body. Merely sayin’.

8. That wise and sensuous white lab coat.

9. Pharmacists are very humble and a good idea sufficient to advise pursuing a physician’s viewpoint once they don’t have the responses or diagnostic skills.

10. Pharmacists play by rules. People trust them to not simply take chances in terms of possibly dangerous drug interactions.

11. They are aware exactly how to deal with your own annoyed stomach or allergy attacks.

12. Sparks will travel. In the end, pharmacists have actually an extensive familiarity with “chemistry.”

13. They’ve got established some good resistant techniques.

14. Obvious perk: free blood pressure levels inspections!

15. Pharmacists make people feel much better.