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PowerPoint の画面切り替え効果 [変形] の使い方 – How to set up a Morph transition

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Integrated office architecture: Online LibreOffice shares the same processing engine, common to all modules, on all form factors incl. MS Powerpoint は幾つかのドローイングソフトウェア機能を備えている。. Keynote vのサポート []. Writer、CalcそしてImpressではTSCP-標準に基づくドキュメントの分類。 複数のポリシーでも 。こちらを見てください: [32] と [33] 。. Export of comments according to PDF specification.


Powerpoint không có Morph – Hướng dẫn cách tải và sử dụng – .PowerPointでMorphを使い、丸い図形を四角の図形 – Yahoo!知恵袋

含まれない Microsoft サブスクライバーには、モーション ベースのアニメーション効果の時間節約オプション (Morph) があります。 オブジェクトにアニメーションの軌跡を適用する


Microsoft powerpoint 2016 morph transition 自由 –


PowerPoint ‘s Morph transition makes it easy to show motion, zoom in and out, and change shapes. Specifically, Morph can do the following:. You can combine common options to move, resize, rotate, and change color of an object, all microsoft powerpoint 2016 morph transition 自由 once—morphing the objects in one slide into the продолжить чтение on another.

This article assumes you know how to insert, drag, and arrange objects on a slide. For your convenience, you can download the demonstration. pptx file. We can illustrate all three with a simple example. This simple transition yields a lot for your work; it took only a few minutes to pull it together.

However, with the ease comes a loss of control. If you need a special path of motion, you must use the motion path animation settings, which microsoft powerpoint 2016 morph transition 自由 often transitkon difficult process. Figure E shows the result of changing the font type and color 20116 the letters.

Once you tarnsition the letters objects in place, simply reformat them and the transition will take care of the rest. You can use this technique with shapes, as 20116. Figure F shows two slides with two rectangles of different colors and sizes. Following the same powefpoint, add a green rectangle to the перейти slide.

Transifion duplicate that slide, move the rectangle to its end position, and change its fill color and size a subtle change. Figure G shows its morph process. You can work with more objects and even have them fly in from beyond the edge of the slide and fly out the other side.

You can also use Morph to zoom in or out. Duplicate the slide and then resize the picture, making it much larger. You can pull out the corners or right-click the picture and use the Size and Position options.

After you have вот ссылка picture on the second slide resized and positioned, microeoft the Transition tab and then click Morph in the gallery.

You can see the picture enlarge onscreen. Earlier, I showed you how to quickly move pkwerpoint reformat a shape. If you microsoft powerpoint 2016 morph transition 自由 with the right shape, you can actually morph that shape into a new one. By rightI mean the built-in AutoShapes that support the reshape tools not all of them do. This yellow handle is a reshape tool, which you can drag to change the microsof shape.

For this example, add a rounded rectangle to the slide and duplicate the slide. On the vmwareワークステーション8.0無料 slide, use the reshape tool to create a new shape. Change its position and color and apply a background color.

Figure K shows the morph effect between the two slides. Depending on the shape you choose, the change can be much more dramatic. You can even combine /37322.txt to create new shapes and morph them together or separately.

The change is gradual, modph abrupt. You see the shapes, position, and colors slowly morph from the first object to the second. For по этой ссылке full effect, download the demonstration.

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Account Information TechRepublic microsofg modal Image: Microsoft. Specifically, Morph can do the following: Create motion Zoom in and out Change one shape into another You can combine common options to move, resize, rotate, and change color of an object, all at once—morphing the objects in one slide into the objects on another. Common microsoft powerpoint 2016 morph transition 自由 Regardless of how you use Morph, all the possibilities will have a few things in common: A powsrpoint slide—how the object looks in the beginning.

An ending slide—what the object tfansition into. In addition, all Morph transitions are built the same way: Create a slide with an object in its powerpoimt position and with its original formatting. You can work with more than one object. Duplicate the slide. If the ending slide microsoft powerpoint 2016 morph transition 自由 different elements, copy and paste the object s into the traneition slide.

The second or end slide needs to follow the first. On the second slide—the duplicate—make changes to the original object s. In this step, you want the objects to appear in their final state. Once you have both slides in place, apply the Morph transition to the second slide. To zoom in or out on piwerpoint object, resize the object on the end side, accordingly. To flip an object, trnasition it on the end microsotf and use the desired flip settings in the Arrange group.

Duplicate this slide Figure A by right-clicking the slide and choosing Duplicate Slide from the resulting submenu. On the second slide, arrange the letters as you want them using winaero tweaker windows 10 rotate handle and the flip settings.

In the demonstration file, I tranxition the letters to the end position and then used the rotation handle to set the T and E upright Figure B. Then, I used the flip settings to set the A and M correctly.

Finally, I selected all four text box controls and used the Здесь settings to align and space them powrpoint. Figure C shows the final placement. Figure A Start with two duplicate slides. Figure B Use the rotation handle and the flip handles. Figure C Reposition the text box controls to their end positions. With both slides in place, the next step is to add the transition as follows: Click the second slide the slide with the objects in their final position.

Click the Transition tab. In the Transition To This Slide gallery, click Morph and watch the preview Figure D. This transition accommodates electric p8 crack 自由, words, ссылка characters but defaults to objects. Figure E You can morph formatting.

Microsoft powerpoint 2016 morph transition 自由 Microsoft Stream: The future of secure business video Move shapes You can use this technique with shapes, as well. Figure F These two slides create the morph effect shown in Figure G. Figure G The first rectangles morphs into the second in front of your eyes.

Zoom in You can also use Morph to zoom in or out. Figure H Zoom in on the frost particles. Figure I Morph zooms in on an area. Morph a miicrosoft Earlier, I showed you how to quickly move and reformat a shape. Figure J Look for the microsoft powerpoint 2016 morph transition 自由 tool. Poweepoint K Morph changes the shape of the original shape. Your email has been sent. By Susan Продолжить. Susan Sales Harkins is an IT consultant, specializing in desktop solutions.

Previously, she was editor in chief for The Cobb Group, the world’s largest publisher of technical journals. Account Information TechRepublic close modal Contact Susan Harkins Your message has been sent.

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