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UPnP stops at end of first track v – Audirvāna Studio – Audirvana

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Connect only the two new speakers each includes a powered 15inch subwoofer. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage, and it’s a term you’ll see often when looking at music streamers. See the Marantz PMN. Andover Audio Songbird.


Audirvarna – Streaming Audio – Naim Audio – Community – Step into the stream.


Thanks ever so much to you all. I feel a bit out of my depth with all your extraordinary technical knowledge. But the organisation and visual representation of the nas drive and tidal on the Mac is quite nice. Is there a link or previous topic that might help me think about what I might need to do to get Audirvana to run as a renderer in the way described by members? My current set up is a nas connected to my router via a Cisco switch , which is then via Ethernet cable to my nac in a different room.

My iMac is close to the nas and router and again is Ethernet connected to the router. I run it on a headless Mac Mini into my N Also find that Tidal operation is typically more stable through Audirvana versus the Naim app Android. You can apply the same audio optimizations as it goes out via USB or optical. Simply because when functioning as a UPnP server it is serving the file to the streamer, and the rendering of the file into a real time digital music stream is done by the receiving streamer, so Audirvana itself is not doing the rendering, and the quality of the rendered digital music stream as fed to the DAC is primarily due to the streamer not Audirvana.

Primarily , yes — but not entirely. As anon says, even in UPnP mode, Audirvana applies a few specific tricks to minimise signal interference that are not available on other UPnP servers. I tried it sending the audio to the NDX wirelessly. I used optimised sound in the settings and played Tidal. The NDX showed the songs as wav and not flac why I think it must have done some rendering. But I must admit, I might be wrong.

So that was actually the main driving force for me to set up a server. The only reason I would give that up in favour of Audirvana would be if it provides an audible higher sound quality. But I guess I will be running some side by side tests on that in the coming days and see how it goes on my setup.

And of course the Naim app is of no use to me. If I have two copies of an album at different bitrates, I simply delete the lesser one, unless they sound different and I like both in different ways, in which case of course it has to be my choice which to play. I occasionally stream from Free online Sources to sample new music, which I do direct from the Mac Mini using whatever software, sound quality not being critical for that purpose.

I got the Star due to the combination of quality and the package deal. So unlikely I would go another route anytime soon but it makes perfect sense that if you go the direct DAC route and only play local sources that is a far better option. But I do subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz. That is where the bitrate selection comes in. So on Roon, if I search for song A, it will coalesce all the versions it found into one page. So if it found a 44kHz 16 but on Tidal and a 44 kHz 24 bit on Qobuz, it will auto play the Qobuz version without me having to select it.

It is starting to look like Roon is the correct solution for my setup at the moment. Ultimately Roon has a lot more features than Audirvana. Yeah this is already becoming my assessment as well after trying Audirvana for less than a day. It is certainly not a bad product, it just does not give me the features Roon did to inspire me to run a server in house and not use local Naim streaming.

I am glad I tried it out though. On the Star I was unable to discern a difference in SQ between native streaming and Roon streaming so that suits me fine. It sits quietly hidden away doing its thing every day without any major issues. Oh come now, I want drama! Something has to be wrong with your network, you need a new cable or perhaps that fancy switch.

Nothing special was done OS wise. It works well for me via upnp to the muso 1 and other upnp players I have. I like the app too. I was gonna also go the Mac Mini route if my demo panned out with Roon. But then I remembered having an unused Acer Windows 10 laptop lying around. And so far I can find zero reason to shell out more cash for hardware.

I even tested it on wired ethernet as opposed to the Wifi connection it is sitting on now and could also not spot a difference. I cannot imagine that a lossless audio stream could be too much for good wifi even. It can even handle 4K video streaming. This is a very frustrating trial period. The stop button is now on the right of the window… the padlock icon, is set to stop the track and also release the audio from exclusive access… so you can use the computer audio for another program than Audirvana.

To ad some info to RunHomeSlow. The designers of Audirvana thought it would be much clearer not! Apart from that. Luckily the trial period is free. But I agree. Normal stop button would have been much better. I bet that they will soon change the stop sign on the motorway to tiny lock signs. Yes apparently there are a butt load of these rouge units about, poorly implemented upnp allegedly. Good luck with your Cambridge device. Now your onto something, the play arrow must be replaced with the key , to start playback you obviously need a key.

For sure.


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