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Console-exclusives games have, historically, been a huge factor behind gaming hardware purchases, and, while most Xbox games are ported for PC, especially over the past few years, PC gamers have often missed out on some great PlayStation games, whether it has been PS3 exclusives such as Demon’s Souls or the more recent PS4 games such as Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

This seems to be changing, however, as, in , Sony decided to port the critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn to PC much to the delight of gamers who have been wanting to play Sony’s PlayStaystation console exclusive. Updated on September 2nd, by Tanner Fox: While many gamers are still keenly interested in the prospect of PlayStation exclusives being ported to PC, Sony has played coy regarding forthcoming releases.

While Days Gone was warmly received when it debuted back in May, there’s little to indicate that major Sony franchises like God of War or Ratchet and Clank will get the same treatment. Of course, that won’t stop speculation from running rampant. From rumors surrounding a potential PC translation of ‘s Ghost of Tsushima to the undying interest in FromSoft’s Bloodborne, discussion on the topic won’t soon cease. The PC port was not without its issues, including framerate drops and minor bugs, but it was generally considered to be a great way to experience the game.

The ex-exclusive also features multiple branching storylines, with excellent voice acting and visuals which bring Detroit: Become Human ‘s characters to vivid life.

The game was also praised for its story and setting and was a critical and commercial success, with more than five million copies sold. The Uncharted series was one of the highest-selling console exclusives of all time, as well as one of the highest-rated video games of all time. Although the first three games were released for the PS3, they were remastered with better graphics and gameplay enhancements for the PS4, so a potential PC port wouldn’t look or feel dated, either.

If rumors of another Uncharted game being in the works are to be believed, such a PC port would create a massive amount of hype for it.

Originally released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 in , Journey bore many of the hallmarks of an indie game despite being developed in part by Santa Monica Studio, and it served as an artistic and thoughtful experience that contrasted sharply with the military FPS craze of the time.

Journey’ s main selling point was its unique multiplayer mechanic, something which was rejuvenated when the game appeared on Steam in June of It may not have been a priority for many longtime PC players, but Journey’s PC port was a welcome one, nonetheless.

There’s been quite a bit of speculation concerning Ghost of Tsushima ‘s transition to PC. Released in August of , it quickly rose to acclaim in a year during which major game releases were few and far between. An elegant, exciting experience set in feudal Japan, it was another success for Sucker Punch Productions, known for their Sly Cooper and inFamous games. It seems like this title may be heading to PC sometime soon, though there’s not much in the way of solid evidence to support these claims.

Hideo Kojima is one of the most respected game designers and storytellers in the video games medium, and the hype for Death Stranding was already monumental when it was announced. The game was released in to generally favorable reviews, although, as commented on by ScreenRant , many did criticize the gameplay and story. PC fans were overjoyed when a Windows port was announced, which was released in July Though they’ve definitely aged over the years porting the unique control scheme to mouse and keyboard may prove difficult, PC players would nonetheless love to get a chance to experience this unique Sony series.

Released in , inFamous: Second Son was, in terms of visuals, particularly stunning, and it still looks excellent even compared to today’s standards. Sucker Punch Studios recently released Ghost of Tsushima , and, if Sony is planning on releasing a sequel for the inFamous series, what better way to create hype for the series than by releasing a PC port for one of the best games in the series?

Developed by Team Ninja, the studio best known for the Dead or Alive franchise, Nioh paired the then-emerging souls-like genre with far-eastern imagery long before FromSoft’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice hit the scene. Much like the original, Nioh 2 originally debuted as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in March of before making the jump to PC about a year later.

Given that Nioh isn’t intrinsically linked to the PlayStation franchise, the port seemed inevitable. Though it wasn’t the fabled Bloodborne for which PC fans have long been clamoring, it was a serviceable replacement. Days Gone was released as a console exclusive for the PS4 in after multiple delays. Set two years after the start of a global zombie outbreak, the story features Deacon St. John, an everyman on a quest to find his wife in a post-apocalyptic society.

Even though the game received mixed reviews on PlayStation, it fared much more favorably on PC. The port rectified many of the issues the console version had, and it may pave the way for even more PlayStation PC ports in the near future. After multiple successful games such as Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls series, FromSoftware had become infamous in the gaming community for establishing the “souls-like” genre—games with in-depth combat systems and notoriously difficult gameplay setpieces.

Getting through this game was—and still is—considered to be quite the achievement. When Bloodborne was announced as a PS4 exclusive, PC Gamers and fans of souls-like games were disappointed that the game wouldn’t be available to them. However, it might be the perfect time to port Bloodborne to the PC, as it’s a relatively old game at this point, having released all the way back in , and a PC port would create hype for FromSoftware’s upcoming game, Elden Ring.

It features Jodie Holmes, who is linked to an entity named Aiden. The game follows Jodie throughout her adolescence as she learns to control not only her superpowers but Aiden, as well. The game was ported to PC in July Despite its unique premise, engaging story, and excellent voice acting and motion capture, Beyond: Two Souls received a somewhat lukewarm response upon release. While some praised it for trying to experiment and push the limits of the video game medium, others criticized it for its relatively hands-off approach to gameplay.

The God of War series took the PlayStation 2 to new heights. It contains not only one of the best PS2 games of all time, but also some of the best video games ever made.

This would finally enable PC players to play this masterpiece and generate further interest in the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok. Loosely defined as an interactive drama, Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain came across as an odd, avant-garde experiment when it was released exclusively for the PS3 in Offering up one of the most compelling narratives of that era of gaming, it was disappointing that only the PlayStation loyal could access it.

The impact of the title may have been lessened for gamers who had the title’s various twists and turns spoiled in the ten years between releases, but it remains a worthwhile port. Given that neither Bloodborne nor the original Demon’s Souls were translated to PC, this seems like a complete pipe dream. However, though it isn’t likely to happen for several years, the immense and continued popularity of FromSoftware’s games indicates that it isn’t totally unthinkable.

Currently, the PS5-exclusive Demon’s Souls remaster is a marquee title for Sony’s new system, and offering it up on other platforms would be a foolish move. Still, once the PS5 loses a bit of its luster, PC ports of FromSoft’s acclaimed exclusives may eventually come to fruition. The game was released in to a stellar critical reception, with many critics praising the gameplay, premise, and its various quests and side quests.

In March , it was announced that the game would be ported for PC in August As with all PC Ports, the game had its fair share of bugs, but nothing majorly annoying or game-breaking. The port was undoubtedly done to persuade PC gamers to purchase the PS5, on which the sequel, Horizon: Forbidden West , will be releasing. When The Last of Us launched on the PS3 all the way back in , it shattered not only expectations but records, as well. The Last of Us was remastered for the PS4 with improved graphics and lighting, along with a few minor gameplay tweaks.

If the studio decides to go forward with a third game in the series, porting the first game to PC would be the perfect way to increase visibility and let PC gamers finally experience one of gaming’s most triumphant releases.

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How to Play PS Plus Premium Games on Your PC – CNET

First, you have to download the official PS4 Remote Play software. This software will allow you to play any PS4 game on your computer. The most recent update . Join PS Now for instant access to a huge library of PS4, PS3 and PS2 games, ready to stream to your PS5, PS4 or Windows PC, or download to your PS4. Can you download PS4 games on PC? The answer is yes, provided you use the PS Now or PS4 Remote Play services. Otherwise, you will need a PS4.


How To Play PS4 Games on Your PC


The PlayStation 4 is arguably the most popular gaming console today. The gaming community has never been this big, which means that the competition is huge.

As such, Sony ylu to constantly improve and upgrade its features to remain. Before we begin with this tutorial, you need to make can you playstation games on pc that you have all the necessary elements.

You can, playstafion course, use alternative devices, can you playstation games on pc Sony advises the following for an optimal gaming experience:. Review: Typoman Revised — PS4. First, you have to download the official PS4 Remote Play software. This software will allow you to play any PS4 game on your computer. The most recent update version 2. If you are downloading this software now, you will have the most recent upgrades.

The hard work was to download, install, and set everything up. Using нажмите сюда Remote Play feature is now a piece of cake.

Once you have done everything, maximize the PS4 Remote Play window, select the game that you want to play, and have fun! That читать больше all you need to know to play your favorite PS4 games on your PC or laptop. What are your impressions of the software? Share them with us in the comments below.


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