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Donkey kong pc free

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This is a remake of the classic Nintendo game Donkey Kong. Some of the games memorabilia is sold for thousands of dollars as collector items even in the current market. I have Loved this game since I was big enough to stand in a chair and move the joy stick on the big arcade game and Have Loved playing this game as much now as I did then. The game is great, you playing as Mario needs to save the girl from Donkey Kong.


Donkey kong pc free

It featured revolutionary pre-rendered 3D graphics that give the game a very unique look compared to most other games on consoles at the time. This Donkey Kong franchise game is emerging as the most entertaining video game in its genre. Contribute Add a Game Unreviewed Games. The game this time sees Mario as the bad guy and he has caged Donkey Kong!


Donkey kong pc free. Donkey Kong Country PC Game Download Full Version

The two playable characters featured in the game are the titular character, Donkey Kong and his nephew, Diddy Kong. The gameplay of Donkey Kong Jr is a bit different, but also familiar. To be fair many other versions at the time kipped this stage, but I feel they could have easily put it on the NES. It appears before the elevator stage on its first appearance. Mario’s girlfriend drops items. You will find it quite amazing that average users gave this game top ratings.

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