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Volume license customers whose license has expired will need to change the edition of Windows 10 to an edition with an active license. Switching to a downgraded edition of Windows 10 is possible using the same methods that were used to perform an edition upgrade. If the downgrade path is supported, then your apps and settings can be migrated from the current edition.

If a path is not supported, then a clean install is required. Downgrading from any edition of Windows 10 to Windows 7, 8, or 8. You also cannot downgrade from a later version to an earlier version of the same edition Ex: Windows 10 Pro to unless the rollback process is used. This topic does not discuss version downgrades.

If you are using Windows 10 Enterprise Subscription Activation and a license expires, devices will automatically revert to the original edition when the grace period expires. Never went back to check. We recently scaled back to Win 10 Pro for cost reasons It’s pretty difficult with Pro. BitLocker is absolutely available though. I’m a one man shop at a Not for Profit. One issue I’m currently having is with the start menu. I understand the tiles can be standardized using an XML file which I’ve done.

But I have a sticking point. By default the system lists all apps alphabetically on the left including a number of Windows Folders some of which point to administrative tools. I was able to hide non-program folders from the start menu in Windows 10 to prevent user access to these tools. Any way to do this in Pro? Brand Representative for Microsoft. You can license Windows 10 Enterprise with as little as one machine.

The Enterprise version of Windows has traditionally been only available via Volume Licensing. It is certainly an option given what info I have about your scenario.

The nice thing you would benefit from being a ‘one man shop’ is the use of provisioning your devices versus reimaging them. There is a lot of things that provisioning can accomplish, more details here: Provisioning packages for Windows DirectAccess is only available via Win 10 Enterprise, a feature that you may want to deploy in future, given multiple physical location.

You’re at a non-profit? Get your licensing through Techsoup. Brand Representative for Trusted Tech Team. Hi Aaron, just wanted to hop in from the Trusted Tech Team side of things to provide some info in case it could be helpful here! Hope this is helpful! Open the tool and select the ClipC. As shown below, next to the ClipCleanupState it contains also a lot of other functions. Also good to know is that ClipC. Just to be sure the command I showed you is going to work we made sure the ClipSVC service is stopped.

As shown above, it was already stopped.. Of course please make sure you use an elevated command prompt! Not a lot you would think, right? Now we discovered this nice command and where it stands for we can continue Troubleshooting but this time we are going into the rabbit hole a little bit deeper.

So there is a pending rearm and a reboot is required? So we rebooted the device. At first, I was under the impression it would update Windows Pro to Enterprise immediately but looking at the activation status told us something else.

A lot of nice red errors, that could be good right? But looking at the error I showed you earlier mentioning the subscription is not valid , these errors could have something to do with that. So we decided to reboot the device a second time. But this time we noticed something very very nice when looking at the Activation screen. As shown below, Windows Pro is now converted to Windows 10 Enterprise and also successfully activated! Please note: We also created a test environment to manually reproduce the issue, within this test environment only 1 reboot was necessary after running that rundll32 command.

So we again opened the event log to find out if this upgrade is also noted. I was intrigued if I could find out some more information about Microsoft. When you need to do some troubleshooting the Client-Licensing event log is a perfect place to start but there is also another CMD command you could use to get yourself all the diagnostics. This command will output all the diagnostics to a nice cab file. I guess it could use some other functionality of the ClipC.

It also does somehow remind me of the mdmdiagnosticstool I showed you in the blog about troubleshooting TPM errors. In this cab file, you will find a lot of useful stuff. Of course, the Client-licensing event log is in it but also some other logs like the ClipActivationReport. Mmm not that useful but I am not done yet. As always, the Event log is very important and knowing how you could output some more diagnostic files is great but I am missing something. For preparation, you need to connect 2 USB disks to the Win10 Pro PC, one for storing the system image and one for creating bootable media.

Wait until the process completes. Just go to the Tools tab and select Media Builder to follow the instruction. Wait until the whole process completes. In this way, you have managed to alter OS from Enterprise to Pro. In general, Windows 10 Enterprise is almost identical to Windows 10 Pro and event to Windows 10 Home in terms of user interface UI except for the name in Windows Settings and the config screen.

As for function, the advanced Win10 Enterprise system provides more features than the Win10 Pro system, which offers more utilities than Win10 Home.

The following are the features that are only available in Windows 10 Enterprise compared with Windows 10 Pro. If you really want some features above like Windows To Go, you can rely on third-party programs such as MiniTool ShadowMaker mentioned above to help you create bootable media.

They are just two editions of the Windows operating system for users with different needs. But with less developer support for Linux, Windows 10 is an inescapable necessity for most of us. If you have an old Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC lying around, you may still be able to reuse its key to activate Windows When Microsoft first launched Windows 10 back in , it offered Windows 7 and Windows 8 users a truly free, no-strings upgrade to the new operating system. The promotion was only available for one year—presumably to accelerate Windows 10 adoption rates—and expired in July But even though Microsoft officially ended this program three years ago, it still has yet to completely shut everything down.

The activation servers have been allowing Windows 7 and 8 keys on some Windows 10 installs. The Windows 7 or Windows 8 product keys that commonly work for this method are the retail and OEM varieties. Only sporadic success has been reported for volume license keys i.

If you have a Windows 7 or 8 Home license, that will only work for Windows 10 Home.



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Feb 18,  · Answer. Windows 10 Enterprise a volume license client and is only available through one of Microsoft’s licensing programs such as Enterprise Agreement with Software Assurance. Its not available as a single license either and must be purchased for a minimum of 5 or more devices. Also, it is an upgrade requiring the existence of a premium. Connect to your company network via VPN or on-premises. On the Start screen, type Control Panel, and then press ENTER. Navigate to System and Security, and then click System. Under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings, click Change settings. On the Computer Name tab, click Change. Jun 07,  · As well as buying a copy of Windows 10 to get you on the free upgrade path to Windows 11, Buy Windows 10 Pro for the cheapest price. enterprise mode IE, Remote Desktop, a version of the.


How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise (Without Reinstalling Windows).[5 Ways] Downgrade Windows 10 Enterprise to Pro Without Data Loss

While Microsoft offers paid upgrades to Windows 10 Professional, the Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10 are only available. The Windows Store app will launch and take you to the appropriate page. Click on the Buy button and complete the process. It will cost USD 99 or.

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