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learning adobe photoshop cs5 pdf learn adobe photoshop complete tutorial photoshop cs6 versi indonesia & photoshop manual pdf free download tutorial. FREE. eBook. Learn Adobe CS5. Step by Step and On Demand. eBOOK SAMPLER. SAMPLE CHAPTERS file format and the Adobe Flash Player, interactive documents. Flash CS6: The Missing Manual Chris Grover You can build Note from the publisher: FREE Adobe Flash Professional CS updates.

Adobe Animate Learn & Support.adobe flash tutorial cs6


Animate is used to design vector graphics and animation for television series , online animation, websites , web applications , rich web applications , game development, commercials, and other interactive projects. The program also offers support for raster graphics , rich text , audio video embedding , and ActionScript 3.

It was first released in as FutureSplash Animator , and then renamed Macromedia Flash upon its acquisition by Macromedia. It served as the main authoring environment for the Adobe Flash platform, vector-based software for creating animated and interactive content.

It was renamed Adobe Animate in to more accurately reflect its market position then, since over a third of all content created in Animate uses HTML5. FutureSplash Animator was developed by FutureWave Software , a small software company whose first product, SmartSketch, was a vector-based drawing program for pen-based computers.

With the implosion of the pen-oriented operated systems, it was ported to Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Inc. In , the company decided to add animation abilities to their product and to create a vector-based animation platform for World Wide Web ; hence FutureSplash Animator was created.

At that time, the only way to deploy such animations on the web was through the use of Java. In December , Macromedia bought FutureWave and rebranded the product as Macromedia Flash, a brand name that continued for 8 major versions. On December 1, , Adobe announced that the program would be renamed Adobe Animate on its next major update. The move comes as part of an effort to disassociate the program from Adobe Flash Player , acknowledging its increased use for authoring HTML5 and video content, and an effort to begin discouraging the use of Flash Player in favor of web standards -based solutions.

ActionScript 2. Macromedia Flash Basic 8, a “lite” version of the Flash authoring tool targeted to new users who only wanted to do a basic drawing, animation, and interactivity. The Basic product was eventually stopped. ActionScript 3. Other features of Flash CS5 are a new text engine TLF , new document templates, further improvement to inverse kinematics , new Deco tool effects, live FLV playback preview, and the code snippets panel. A sub-release was launched in August From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Animation software made by Adobe. For the multimedia software platform, see Adobe Flash. For the player, see Adobe Flash Player. Not to be confused with Adobe Edge Animate. Adobe Systems. Archived from the original on Retrieved Ars Technica.

Retrieved 1 December December FutureWave software. Archived from the original on 5 November Retrieved 25 March Archived from the original on 9 February Archived from the original on 12 June Archived from the original on 1 October Archived from the original on 23 February Archived from the original on 1 December Archived from the original on 3 August Archived from the original on 14 December Archived PDF from the original on Sep Archived PDF from the original on 26 Sep Archived from the original on 5 December Retrieved 27 March Archived from the original on 13 March Daring Fireball.

Archived from the original on 30 April Mike Chambers. Archived from the original on 22 April Archived from the original PDF on 14 May Archived from the original on 12 April Archived from the original on 4 November Archived from the original on June 28, Retrieved June 20, Archived from the original on 26 March Retrieved 26 March Adobe Blog.

Motion graphics and animation software. Pivot Animator. Adobe Director Avid Elastic Reality. Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash Media Server. Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud. Adobe eLearning Suite. Bridge Device Central. Adobe Inc. Category Commons. Authority control. Israel United States. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

A screenshot of Adobe Animate running on Windows. FutureWave Macromedia. Windows 10 version and later, macOS Trialware software as a service. Initial version of Flash released in May, with basic editing tools and a timeline. The name “Flash” was created by blending the words Future and Splash. Released with Flash Player 4, new features include a redesigned user interface, internal variables , an input field, improved timeline smart guides, outline color mode , advanced ActionScript, publish settings panel and MP3 audio streaming.

Released with Flash Player 5, new features include pen and sub-selection tools, ActionScript 1. Released with Flash Player 7, new features include screens forms for non-linear state-based development and slides for organizing content in a linear slide format like PowerPoint , small font size rendering, timeline effects, updated templates, high-fidelity import and video import wizard.

Released with Flash Player 8, new features include graphical filters blur, drop shadow , glow, etc. Flash CS3 is the first version of Flash released under the Adobe brand name, and features improved integration with Adobe Photoshop , enhanced Quicktime video export, filter and motion tween copy-paste support, improved vector drawing tools becoming more like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Fireworks.

Flash CS4, released in September 23, , introduces a new object-based motion-tween, renaming the former frame-based version as classic tween. Additions include basic 3D object manipulation, inverse kinematics bones , a vertical properties panel, the Deco and Spray brush tools, motion presets and further expansions to ActionScript 3. CS4 allows the developer to create animations with many features absent in prior versions.

Flash CS5 was released in April 12, , and launched for purchase on April 30, Flash CS5 Professional includes support for publishing iPhone applications. Flash Professional CS5. It includes improved support for publishing iPhone applications, following Apple’s revision of their iOS developer terms.

Some examples are content scaling and stage resizing, copy and paste layers, sharing symbols across FLA files, symbol rasterization, incremental compilation, auto-save and file recovery, and integration with CS Live online services. Adobe Flash Professional CS6 was released in It includes support for publishing files as HTML5 and generating sprite sheets.

Minor performance improvements and bug fixes, and the removal of legacy features such as ActionScript 2 support, as well as the removal of the bone tool, deco tool and spray brush tools. As part of the Creative Cloud suite, Flash CC offered users the ability to synchronize settings and save files online.

Flash Professional CC was released in June 18, Flash Professional CC Flash Professional CC was released in June 15, , with the return of the bone animation tool inverse kinematics , import H.

Adobe Animate CC


Adobe flash professional cs5 5 tutorial pdf free. Adobe Flash Actionscript Tutorial


The world has changed. Wildlife has halved in less than a generation. Natural habitats are being put under increasing pressure. And climate change is leading us into uncharted territory. But people have changed too. Download now. Original Title: adobe Flash Actionscript tutorial.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Adobe Flash Professional CS5. Creating the Image thumbnail A. Library Panel Name Section 4. Four Images C. Convert to symbol Instance name D.

Picture layer with new key frame Picture aligned at the center of the stage 9. Action Script 2. Close the Action script window after you are done with typing the scripts. GoLive – An Overview. Adobe Flash. Picture Hangman1. Getting Started With Adobe Presenter. Alok CV. Thermocom Guide Software User Manual Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. PC Advisor – November Failover Scripting. Yes Please. AxioVision Users Guide. Principles: Life and Work.

Fear: Trump in the White House. Computer Help Part 2. The World Is Flat 3. Tfden Usertask. The Outsider: A Novel. Devashish Rane Resume. The Handmaid’s Tale. The text travel along the path from left to right. In the Composition Settings dialog box, name the composition Text Animation, select an appropriate video preset, accept the other defaults, and click OK. In the Animate menu, select Position Figure In the Timeline panel, the Text options expand further and the Animator 1 options are added Figure Expand the Animator 1 options, expand the Range Selector 1 options, and set Position to 0, Figure The text drops below the Composition panel screen.

In the Magnification Ratio menu of the Composition panel, select The text bounding box and handles appear at the bottom of the Composition panel screen. Figure 27 Range Selector 1 Position option 7. The text appears on-screen again. Play this composition. The text jumps up from beneath the screen, one letter at a time.

Skew and Skew Axis options appear in the Timeline panel. Set Skew to 45 and play the composition. The letters appear on-screen, skewed to the right, and then quickly straighten up as they arrive in place. Magnification Ratio Figure 28 Composition panel The Opacity option appears in the Timeline panel.

Figure 29 Range Selector 1 Start keyframes The Wiggly Selector 1 option appears in the Timeline panel. Display the Wiggly Selector 1 options. You can accept the defaults or change the settings. The options are plentiful. Play the composition. The text has a wild animation Figure In the Composition Settings dialog box, name the composition Character Animation, select an appropriate video preset, accept the other defaults, and click OK. Click anywhere in the Composition panel screen, and type enough text to fill the width of the screen.

Figure 31 Timeline panel Animator options A text layer appears in the Timeline panel. In the Text Animate menu of the Timeline panel, select Scale. Figure 32 Tracking Amount value set to 30 5. Offset option Time-Vary stopwatch button Note: This keeps the text from getting too tightly spaced.

The actual first three characters of your text string are treated as the 4th through 6th characters of this animation, so they initially display at their regular size. Figure 33 Timeline panel Range Selector options 8. In the Timeline panel, click the text layer name whatever you typed in the Composition panel to select that layer.

Note: This ensures that the next Animate menu selection creates a separate Animator option. Note: The Fill Color default color is Red. You can change that and use keyframes to animate color changes over time. In this case, let the Wiggly function change the intensity of a single color. Figure 34 Fill Color option Play the composition and note how the red color shifts as the characters animate Figure Figure 35 Per-character animation Using text animation presets Many other types of text animation are available in After Effects.

You can animate text outlines and text interiors with scribbles, wiggles, multiple colors, and such. Letters can bounce, move through 3D space, twist, bend, curl, flip, invert, change colors and opacities, and even change randomly to different characters or to preselected words. Test the many parameters available within the Add and Animate menus built into any text layer in the Timeline panel and refer to After Effects Help for more information.

One quick way to get an idea of the possibilities is to use a preset. After Effects has hundreds of text animation presets, including 3D text animation. To use a text animation preset: 1. In the Composition Settings dialog box, name the composition Text Animation Presets, select an appropriate video preset, accept the other defaults, and click OK.

In the Tools panel, select the Horizontal Type tool, click anywhere in the Composition panel screen, and type at least two words. There are more than a dozen text-animation preset bins Figure These are Animator layers that have been renamed as a convenience. Spiral applies rotation keyframes and Fade In adds opacity keyframes. Press the spacebar to play the animation.

Mid-animation, the text should look something like the example Figure Three option sets are added to the text layer in the Timeline ruler: More Options, Animator 1, and Animator 2. Figure 38 Center Spiral text animation preset 9. Play that animation. The text flips onto the screen, one word at a time. In the Timeline panel, display the Animator 1 options, display the Range Selector 1 options, and display the Advanced options Figure In the Advanced options Based On menu, select Characters.

Play the animation. This time the text flies on-screen one character at a time Figure Fidan Luthfullahi. A short summary of this paper. PDF Pack. People also downloaded these PDFs.

People also downloaded these free PDFs. Download Download PDF. Following are the additional features of this book :. Consists of 11 chapters that are organized in a pedagogical sequence covering drawing and editing tools, symbols, animation techniques, articulated motion with inverse kinematics, scripting ActionScript 3.

The author has used 2 projects that allow users to apply the skills learned in the text. The author has followed the tutorial approach to explain various concepts of video and audio editing. The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics that are covered in it. Step-by-step instructions that guide the users through the learning process. Additional information is provided throughout the book in the form of notes and tips.


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Adobe Flash CS6 Professional and for Flash version 9 using CS3, plus some CS4/CS5 tutorials that introduced new features not in CS3). learning adobe photoshop cs5 pdf learn adobe photoshop complete tutorial photoshop cs6 versi indonesia & photoshop manual pdf free download tutorial. Adobe provides this searchable PDF of archived technical support Supported file formats | Flash Professional CS ASP” in Firefly tutorial.

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