After effects vs apple motion 5 free download.After Effects Vs Apple Motion Which One is Best.

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After effects vs apple motion 5 free download

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Videohive youtube promotion free download apple motion templates apple Install directly to final cut pro, apple motion, after effects, or. Apple Motion is an incredibly fast animation application that you can use to create various motion graphics, titles, and visual effects. Epic Light – Apple Motion Videohive – Free Download After Effects Project. After Effects Version CS5, CS, CS6, CC | × | Requires Plugins.

After effects vs apple motion 5 free download.


To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I’ve been using Motion 4, and now 5, for over a year, and have had almost nothing but problems. Besides the constant crashes, the fact that I have to routinely trash my preferences and then reset them nearly every time I close and open the program, this new development where I am no longer allowed to “Undo” anything, the library taking increasingly longer to open every time Don’t get me wrong: I’m a huge Apple fan and would love it if I could continue working with Motion, but it has become practically unusable.

I can see what could be strengths. And I’ve been through Mark Spencer’s tutorials and Patrick Sheffield’s book “How to Cheat in Motion”, that is, in bits and pieces, because I cannot get the program to work for long enough to do anything significant. Does anyone have anything positive to say about Motion 5 that might help convince me not to abandon it altogether?

Posted on Aug 29, PM. Page content loaded. What may take Motion 1or2 steps is 5to10 in AE and you can not simply figure it out by clicking around. You literally have to search online for example on how to create stroked line and then make grow. AE’s whole PreCompositing workflow is an F’ing joke of a way to do things. It is not a fast way to work and just makes things way more difficult then needs to be and takes a lot longer to create simple animations or compositions.

And AE’s audio playback is ridiculous. In Motion you hit the spacebar and that’s it. Its shortcut keys are handy to expand only the parameters you need to see then hit the same key again and it hides away keeping your timeline clean. Basically in Motion you can get everyday basic things done so much faster then AE ever could no matter how fast you are at it.

I have been using Motion since it came out and also have Motion 5 and there are things I definetly don’t like about it but have never experienced the issues you are haveing so often. What is details of your computer specs? Aug 31, PM. I have a 2. Motion 5 is definitely running smoother and faster, and I already had one lengthy freeze that spontaneously cleared itself up after 2 minutes, luckily but no, the Undo function has not stopped working yet.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea what RAM might have to do with the Undo function failing to work. Perhaps it will stop working again. Nevertheless, it has sped up my Motion workflow a bit and this is always good. Thanks so miuch for your comparison of Motion 5 and After Effects.

Despite my previously posted frustrations with Motion 5, I do not want to give up on it. I, too, have learned that Motion is much faster, and more intuitive to use, than After Effects, which I will be using for higher-end effects once I really learn how to use it.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best to have both tools in one’s arsenal; they each have their own strengths and weaknessess and therefore can complement each other nicely.

I have to say, as an aside, that I love how After Effects is so well integrated with the other Adobe programs. But man, it is incredibly hard for me to see the interface icons. They are so tiny! Motion 5 as with most Apple applications has a much more beautiful, clean, and streamlined interface, and the separate ‘panels’ are more logically placed I say this knowing, as well, that one can customize the Adobe interfaces to one’s liking.

LIke I said, strengths and weaknesses. Nov 27, AM. I have been envolved in motion graphic for 2 yers and approached to apple motion, what i miss in motion is the not easy interoperability with PS and AI, and i getting tired to experience same issue of ACE Can you tell if there a real powerful script that allow me to send shapes and lines for illustrator?

May 19, AM. May 29, AM in response to alidav In response to alidav. Mind you I’m looking forward to starting Smoking later in the year. May 29, AM. Jun 2, PM. Only thing AE has over Motion is some more refined Rotoscope tools.

Motion is easier to learn and use. It has a far superior playback and render engine. I find it very stable. Runs just fine. And I get my work out in a fraction of the time I could with AE. Jun 7, PM. Thanks for your reply, I have been envolved in video and motion graphic3 years ago, my computer is a MBP july , vram mb, 8 gb ram, and so I have a lot of difficulties managing complicate projects.

I studied final cut and motion deeply and approched to after effects to understand limits and advantages of both,. Jun 8, PM in response to alidav In response to alidav. Jun 8, PM. I would have to agree, but Im hoping Motion will eventually have something similar to AE’s ease with masks.

Painting masks in AE is like making selections in PS, which is awesome for the Rotoscoping and lots of effects I’m currently building. Forced to work back and forth between the two products, but on a day-to-day basis I will hit the Motion Icon far more times than the AE. Jun 11, PM. I love working with groups inside of Motion, they are kind of like a pre-comp in After Effects but much more flexible.

Working with a pre-comp in After Effects is a nightmare. When working in Motion the fact that I can group related items together to simply a more complex project is great. No need to switch between comps to change something. This is a strong point with Motion and After Effects could really benefit from this.

One thing that is missing is expressions. Yes there are some things you can do without using expressions but they can really simply your workflow and often reduce the number of key frames or key frames all together. I really would be lost without using expressions. The only real negative with Motion is only one project can be open at a time.

Same thing with After Effects with the difference being multiple comps in a single project. A project in Motion is your comp, so this really does not help with a more complex project. I do like the interface, much easier and efficient to navigate. For simple things Motion is going to be a better choice. Prefer to use After Effects for more complex projects. On occasion I use both. I can create a really nice background with little effort in Motion then ship it off to After Effects for the more complex projects.

I think it comes down to workflow preference and the project. I really do like Motion and I do not consider it a toy. Motion has potential and would love to see it have more advanced features. Nov 12, PM. If you’re serious about doing any CGI fx then forget about Motion. It’s great for animated text and simple things like that but it really shouldn’t be compared to software like After Effects or Smoke – it’s just not in the same league. Have a look at this website that features After Effects tutorials for special effects.

Then try and mimick any of these techniques in Motion and you’ll begin to see what I’m talking about. Jan 2, AM.

You can certainly have more than one project open now. And very useful it is too for copying and pasting between different projects. No-one would deny that there are things that Ae can do that Motion simply can’t, but to suggest that Motion is only good for is animated text is really to overstate the case.

I didn’t say it was only good for animating text. I said it was great for doing simple things – text animation being one of them. The ice example is a simple text animation. The sparks are simple particle animations. This is all very basic stuff that, admittedly, Motion does quite well. It’s amazing value for money and a great piece of software if taken at face value. It’s shortcomings are only apparent when it’s compared to proper compositing tools like Nuke or AfterEffects which it shouldn’t be.

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