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BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY PC GAME DOWNLOAD.Batman: Arkham City Download (Last Version) Free PC Game Torrent

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Breaking News. Warner Bros published it. It features single-player gameplay mode. It set in an open world features tactics from the stealth game.

It is set in Arkham City which is opened to the player at the start of the game. Players can travel through the city freely. Using the gadgets and stealth movies to sneak the enemies the players can move silently. Players can use Detective Vision, which is a visual mode that highlights elements of interest on screen.

These elements are like character status, collectibles, and clues. This mode also helps in forensic activities. Batman Arkham City Free Download For Pc players can counter multiple blows, catch hurled projectiles, attack aerially. And control a succession of consecutive strikes.

The enemies have their own unique abilities as well as different weapons. Combat and other actions reward the players the experience points. It allows players to periodically level Batman up. And purchase upgrades to Batsuie, gadgets, and combat and also stealth skills.

Each of the categories contains 15 different upgrades. Some gadgets obtained at the start of the game but some of the gadgets available during play.

Some other items from the first game like remote controlled Batarang, the Explosive gel that can be detonated to knock down enemies in combat. And assist with stealth tactics, the Remote Electric Charge gun that can stun enemies and temporarily power motors. The main campaign is played up to 25 hours, And side mission is of 15 hours. ScreenShots :.

Start Playing After Installation. Download Links :. Part 1 [ Download ]. Part 2 [ Download ]. Part 3 [ Download ]. Part 4 [ Download ]. Part 5 [ Download ]. Part 6 [ Download ]. Part 7 [ Download ]. Part 8 [ Download ]. Password : www. No comments. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Popular Posts.



Batman arkham city game free download for pc full version.Batman Arkham City GOTY PC Game Download Free

The events of Arkham City take place a year after those in Asylum, and Sharpe has been hard at work. Taking all the credit for Batman’s work in his failed facility, lie’s convinced the populace that what Gotham needs to be crime-free once and for all is a super-facility bigger than any one building. So lie’s bringing the madhouse onto the streets/10(7). May 15,  · Batman Arkham city pc game download | Download Batman Arkham City Pc Game Highly Compressed Batman: Arkham City System Requirements (Minimum) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo GHz or AMD Athlon X2 +. Download Full Version Games – Free PC-Games. Home; Popular Posts. SpiderMan – Edge Of Time. GB Download Free Ncis the game Game Description: For the first time ever, the wor Cabelas Big Game Hunter


Batman arkham city game free download for pc full version


When enemies telegraph an attack, you have a counter button. There are other enemies that require you to use a stun maneuver, but you might forget you even have it. While the enemy variety is very limited, they all seem very smart, so that makes up for it. Other than brawling, Batman has other tools and a quick switch menu using the D-pad.

Multiple batterangs, remote control batterangs, a zip-line, explosive gel, a grappling hook to rip down high up grates. Speaking of the riddles, in the previous games they were just collectables. At the most you had to blow up a wall using explosive gel to reach them.

Combat rooms where you get a high score beating up waves enemies. There are even downloadable challenge rooms, mini campaigns and even a make your own challenge map where you chose a map and select goals. Robin plays mostly like Batman and has the same tools as he does with a few exceptions.

To top that off, there is a lot of extra content for players and Batman fans. Minimum System Requirements. Please share with your friends and help us to make best gaming community! The game show black screen ofter joker poison batman and kick him out the window.. Cant save the progress, everytime restart pc it begin from the new game not the continue story, plz tell how to save game like autosave…how get windows live, provide all info when you upload the game….

For those who are having the xlive. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Interactive Entertainment Batman: Arkham City 6. Batman manages to find an antidote using Mr. He brings his frieze, but he does not intend to give Batman a medicine because Freese thinks that after Batman get drugs, it will not help him find his wife, Nora kidnapped Joker.

Between Batman and Mr. Freeze tied bout. After losing, Freese still going to give the medicine, but it has kidnapped Harley Quinn. Batman is going to return the medicine and for that penetrates to the steel plant, and comes to grips with the Joker and his henchmen. Batman wins, but is pressed against the rubble of the collapsed ceiling.

Joker prepares to finish him, but he stops Talia and Joker offers a source of immortality. Batman tries to stop it, but because of the impact of the Joker loses consciousness. Joker does not know that Talia activated the beacon to find their Batman. Hugo Strange, learning where Wayne sends his men after him, but Catwoman them ahead. It helps Batman to climb, and says that if he wants to stop Strange, he should hurry.

Batman arrives at the theater where Joker kills Talia suddenly sword. She gives Batman the antidote. Batman remembers everything that happened to him on arrival in Arkham City.

He realizes that he was again deceived. Someone shoots Talia behind, the killer is the Joker. This Talia stole medicine, not Harley Quinn, and means that the Joker is still sick. All this time the clown helped Clayface. He pretended to be the Joker. Batman fights Clayface , and defeats him using cryogenic grenades, which he gave Freese.

Batman is in the way to the source of immortality body Clayface, and then drink half of the antidote, leaving the other half of the Joker.

Joker of Batman attacks from behind, and accidentally breaks the vial of medicine. Bruce Wayne, in the guise of his alter ego, is able to literally hover over the city like a vulture, looking for another victim that has crossed the line of what is permitted. He fights using both his powerful physical strength and using special gadgets, while the “Cat” relies mainly on his instincts and agility. Among the innovations it is worth noting a smoke grenade to disorient enemies, a new detective mode.

Separately, the developers highlighted new achievements! The stunning graphics from the release of the previous part have become noticeably prettier, the game world has become several times larger, the artificial intelligence has grown wiser, and the non-trivial plot has prepared for you several unobvious surprises!

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