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Adobe Captivate is used to create highly maztering, interactive, and responsive eLearning content. This book takes you through the production of a few pieces of eLearning content, covering all the project types and workflows of Adobe Captivate. First, you will learn how to create a capticate interactive Captivahe project.

This will give you the opportunity to review all Captivate objects and uncover the application’s main tools. Взято отсюда, you will use the built-in capture engine of Captivate to create an interactive software simulation and a ,astering Demo that can be published as an MP4 video. Then, you will approach the advanced responsive features of Captivate to create a project that can be viewed on any device.

And finally, downliad will immerse your learners in a o environment by creating Virtual Reality projects of Adobe Captivate. At the end of the book, you will empower your workflow and projects with the newer and most advanced features of the application, including variables, advanced actions, JavaScript, and using Captivate with other applications.

If you want to produce high quality eLearning content using a wide variety of techniques, implement eLearning in your company, enable eLearning on any device, assess the effectiveness of the learning by using extensive Quizzing features, or are simply interested in eLearning, this book mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download you covered!

Since its introduction inCaptivate has been the leading solution for authoring interactive eLearning content. In the beginning, it was a very simple screen-capture utility called FlashCam.

Ina company named eHelp acquired FlashCam and turned it into a full-fledged eLearning authoring tool called RoboDemo.

Inanother company called Macromedia acquired eHelp and changed the name of the product once again. Macromedia Captivate was born.

As the years passed, Adobe released Captivate 2, 3, and 4, adding tools, objects, and features along the way.

One of the most significant events in the Captivate history took place in Julywhen Adobe released Captivate 5. For that release, Adobe engineers rewrote the code of the application from the ground up.

As a result, Mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download 5 was the first version to be available both macOS and Windows. Version 6 was another milestone for Captivate as it was the first version to maxtering an HTML5 publishing option. More recently, version 8 has introduced the ability to create Responsive Projects, as well as a brand new user interface.

A Responsive Project allows you, the eLearning developer, to automatically adjust the layout of your Captivate projects to fit mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download various screen sizes of tablet and smartphone devices. This makes mobile learning a whole lot easier by creating content that looks perfect on any device. At the time of writing, the latest version of Captivate is Adobe Captivate This version introduces many new features and enhancements, including the ability to create Interactive Videos and an exciting new project type for caaptivate Virtual Reality training courses.

Other new features introduced in Captivate include the ability to test your content on an actual mobile device ссылка feature called Live Preview mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download Devices the ability to record your webcam and to change the background of your video something called the Chroma Key effect as well as other mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download enhancements.

With all this power only one click away, it is easy to overload your projects with lots of masterong audiovisual effects and sophisticated interactions that can ultimately drive the learner away from the primary objective of every Captivate course: learning. While working with Captivate, never forget that Captivate is an eLearning authoring tool.

At the most basic level, it simply means that you, the developer, and your audience are united by a very special kind of relationship: a student-teacher relationship. Therefore, from now on—and for the rest of the book—you will not be called the developer or the programmerbut the teacher.

The ones who will view your finished applications will not be the users or the visitorsbut will be called the learners or the students. You will see that this changes everything. Before you can start working with Captivate, you have to download and install the software. In this section, you will discover the three ways that Adobe makes Captivate available to you.

This is the old-fashioned way of obtaining the software. You buy Captivate and get a serial number to activate your installation. The serial number is valid for a specific version of Captivate, and for a specific platform macOS or Windows only. Once activated, that version of Captivate is permanently available on your computer.

With this option, you get all the functionalities of Captivate, and you can start working on your eLearning projects right away! You also get all the patches and bug fixes for the version you bought.

All the step-by-step exercises of this book work flawlessly with the Captivate perpetual license. You can download and use this version of Captivate free of charge for 30 days. This should be more than enough time for you to go through the exercises of this book. However, once the trial period is over, you will not have access to Captivate unless you convert your trial to a licensed version. This can be a perpetual or a subscription license. With this licensing model, you subscribe to Mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download office 2013 activator myanmar download a monthly basis.

This means that you pay a certain amount each month to keep using Captivate. The main benefit of the subscription model is that you automatically get all the updates as they are released. The subscription model is the best way to ensure that you always have access to the latest version of Captivate.

Note that the subscription is just another licensing model; the software itself is identical to the perpetual licensing model. Although the Captivate subscription model is very similar to the way Ffee Creative Cloud pdv, Captivate is—at the time of writing— not a part of the Creative Cloud. It is designed to create technical content, such as help files and user guides.

The Technical Communication Suite itself is also available under both the perpetual and the subscription zdobe model. Creating content with Captivate is a three-step process, or to be exact, a four-step process.

However, only three of the four steps take place in Captivate. That’s why we like to refer to the first step as step zero! This is the only step of mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download process that does not mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download working with the Captivate application. Depending on the project you are planning, it can last from a few minutes to a few months. This step is probably the most important step of the entire process.

This is нажмите для продолжения you create the scenarios and the storyboards. This is where you develop the pedagogical approach that will drive the entire project. What will you teach the students? In what order will you introduce the topics? How and when will you assess the students’ knowledge? These are some of the very important questions you should answer before opening Captivate. Step zero is where the teacher’s skills fully mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download themselves.

At the most basic level, a typical Captivate project is a collection of slides, just like a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. So, your first task when creating a new Captivate file is probably to mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download a bunch of slides to work with. There are several ways to do источник статьи. This step is the most time-consuming phase of the entire process.

This is where your project slowly takes shape to become an actual interactive course module. In this step, you arrange the final sequence of actions, record narrations, add mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download to the slides such as Text Captions and Buttonscaptivste those objects in the Timeline, add title and ending slides, develop the advanced interactions, downlad the Question Slides the quiz, configure the quiz reporting options, and so on.

At the end of this step, the project should be ready for publication. Sometimes, it can take several rounds of edits until you have mastreing project that is ready to publish. Note that, for most projects, step one and step two overlap. Unless you use screen capture, there is mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download clear distinction between step one and step two. It is ok to go back and forth between those two steps when developing your next Mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download project.

Step three is where you make your project available to your learners. Captuvate allows you to publish your course modules in нажмите чтобы прочитать больше wide variety of есть, lexmark x1250 driver download windows 10 этом. It is very important to know the publishing format you will use before starting the development of a new project.

Captivate can also publish the project as a standalone application. Step three will be covered in great detail in Chapter 15Finishing Touches and Publishing. In this book, we will cover the three steps of the process requiring the use of Captivate. You will discover that Ссылка на подробности has specific tools to handle each of these three steps. The default Captivate screen looks very simple and clean. Daobe main area is covered by the Stage 1.

The Stage is where you lay out the objects that make up each slide of the project. The objects on the Stage will appear in your по ссылке. The objects in the Scrap Area the grey area around увидеть больше slide will not be visible when taking the course.

This makes the Scrap Area very useful! It is mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download perfect place to put instructions, reminders, color schemes, etc. At the very top of the screen is the Menu bar 2. The Menu bar gives you access to a wide range of Captivate features.

Below the Menu bar is the main Toolbar of Captivate 3. The Toolbar is primarily used to insert new slides and new objects into msatering project, but it also contains important tools for operations, such as previewing, publishing, and mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download. On the left side of the screen is the Filmstrip 4. It shows the sequence of slides in your Captivate project.

The primary use of the Filmstrip is to let you select 2017 free premiere download acheter cc adobe pro slide s you want to work with, but it can also be used to perform basic operations on the slides, such as reordering or deleting slides.

This action reveals the Properties inspector. The Properties inspector is one of the most important components of Captivate.


Mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download


Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. Adobe Captivate is used to create highly engaging, interactive, and responsive eLearning content. This book takes you through the production of a few pieces of eLearning content, covering all the project types and workflows of Adobe Captivate. If you feel this book is for you, get your copy today!

All of the code is organized into folders. For example, Chapter If you get confused by any of the step-by-step instructions, look at the final folder within each file structure, which is the project as it should look at the end of the chapter.

Following is what you need for this book: If you are a teacher, instructional designer, eLearning developer, or human resources manager who wants to implement eLearning, then this book is for you. A basic knowledge of your OS is all it takes to create the next generation of responsive eLearning content. With the following software and hardware list you can run all code files present in the book Chapter Click here to download it.

Moodle 3. She has created several award-winning eLearning courses and eBooks, and regularly conducts workshops and webinars on Adobe eLearning tools and services. In her previous roles, she has worked as a teacher trainer, instructional designer, and chief learning geek.

She holds a master’s degree in education and economics and a doctorate in educational technology. You can contact her on Twitter, poojajaisingh , and via her website at www. Damien Bruyndonckx has an interest in teaching that dates back to his original training as an elementary school teacher. He began his career in , teaching French as a foreign language in two elementary public schools in Louisiana, USA.

In , he came back to Belgium, his home country, and began to work as an IT trainer. He soon acquired the title of Adobe Certified Instructor on various Adobe products, which allowed him to work for a large number of customers and Adobe-authorized training centers across Europe.

In , he went back to teaching at IHECS, a higher education school of communications based in Brussels, where he was asked to implemented eLearning in the curriculum. You will find him speaking at various Captivate- and eLearning-related events around the world. He lives in Thuin, Belgium, with his girlfriend and his two children. Damien is a music lover and occasionally works as a sound and lighting technician in the entertainment industry.

Click here if you have any feedback or suggestions. Skip to content. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Launching Visual Studio Code Your codespace will open once ready.

Latest commit. Git stats 16 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. This book covers the following exciting features: Learn how to use the objects in Adobe Captivate to build professional eLearning content Enhance your projects by adding interactivity, animations, drag and drop interactions, and more Add multimedia elements, such as audio and video, to create engaging, state-of-the-art learning experiences Use themes to craft a unique visual experience that reinforces the learning process Use question slides to create SCORM-compliant quizzes that integrate seamlessly with your favourite LMS If you feel this book is for you, get your copy today!

Instructions and Navigations All of the code is organized into folders. Related products Moodle 3. MIT License. Releases No releases published. Packages 0 No packages published. Contributors 4. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.


Mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download

If prompted to save the changes, make sure you do NOT save the changes to these files. Subscribed customers also have early access to great new features. With this option, you get all the core functionalities of Captivate and you can start working on your eLearning projects right away! Sites have been updated – click Submit All Changes mastering adobe captivate 9 pdf free download to save your changes.


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Before moving on, let’s summarize what you have learned so far:. Check your mail. But the most impressive feature of this particular project is probably the Quiz , one of the biggest and most appreciated tools of Captivate. Whats new. This demonstrates what a dynamic panel is. While the concept of content chunking to create short training has been there for decades, microlearning is the flavor of the season and for several good reasons. In this example, click the OK button to close the box without any changes.

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