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Select Peripherals from the left pane. Tap Save and Exit to go back to the main control window. Click the Devices tab. Select the TCC2 mic to open its properties. Click the Ethernet tab to configure its IP address, and then click Save. Click the Audio tab. The Source Detection section shows the current focus of the TCC2 automatic beam-steering, which can be tracked in real time.

Click Edit to manually configure vertical and horizontal exclusion zones, which prevents detection of noise and sounds in these zones — for example, from ceiling-mounted AC vents, projector fans, doors, and credenzas.

Dante receive : Select the appropriate Dante device and channel for the microphone. Dante transmit : To send audio back to the microphone as a reference, specify a unique channel name for this purpose. Then, use Dante Controller software to route that channel from the Core back to the microphone. For now, you can leave this set to the room controls sample UCI.

Follow the instructions to fine-tune the audio settings for your specific room. At the end of the process, save the settings. This generates a Webhook message that commissioning is complete for the room. Disconnect from the running Teams Sample Design F7. From the navigation pane, click User Control Interfaces.

Click to create a new UCI. Add controls to the UCI. From the navigation pane, select your UCI name. The Teams style is included with the Teams Sample Design. For each control text box, button, etc. On the Teams Room console, switch to Room Controls by tapping the fader icon in the bottom right corner.

Optional Adjust Advanced Configuration Controls The Teams Sample Design includes an Advanced Configurations section for tweaking the audio, video, and control components for your specific room. Location User-defined name that groups the component with other components in the same physical location, or in the same organizational scheme. Controls Status Component status is conveyed with the Status LED and Status box, which uses both color and text to indicate the current condition: OK : The device is functioning normally.

Initializing : The device is in the process of a firmware or configuration update, or the design is starting. I will not be going to bore you with 45 minutes watching to a recording, so I speeded it a little up and deleted some unwanted scenes in the video below. At this point you will see the setup page of your just installed virtual MTR.

You can accept the terms and configure your account, but probably you will end up at this screen:. At the user screen, login as the local administrator. Please change this! All set? You will see that the account cannot sign in. That is correct. Click on the three dots More , click Settings , fill in the local administrator password. As an end result, you will see the below screen. The account is succesfully signed-in, but the MTR want’s to have a external display for the best experience.

Select the supported meeting mode – Microsoft Teams Only, Skype for Business Only, or one of the two mixed-mode options. If necessary, enable Modern Authentication. The Microsoft Teams Rooms app should signing in to Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Server with the credentials entered above, and should also begin syncing its calendar with Exchange using those same credentials. Even a correctly created image containing the Microsoft Teams Rooms console app will not boot past the initial setup procedure unless the console hardware is detected.

For Surface Pro based solutions, the Surface Pro must be connected to its accompanying dock hardware to pass this check. NOTE] Some non-English language users may need a physical keyboard connected to the console during initial setup in the event that symbols are not supported on the touch keyboard. Microsoft Teams Rooms needs to trust the certificates used by the servers it connects to. In a case where the Certificate Authority is private, for instance an on-premises deployment with Active Directory and the Windows Certificate Authority, you can add the certificate to Microsoft Teams Rooms in a couple of ways:.

You can join the console to Active Directory and that will automatically add the required certificates given the Certificate Authority is published to Active Directory normal deployment option. You can install the certificate manually after the imaging process. Before you do this, you must complete Initial set up of the console. Place the console in admin mode see Admin mode and device management.

You can join Microsoft Teams Rooms to your domain. A common example is a password enforcement policy that will prevent Microsoft Teams Rooms from starting up automatically.

Sign into the console from the admin account see Admin mode and device management. For example, if your fully qualified domain is redmond. If you would like to rename the computer when joining it to a domain, use the -NewName flag followed by the computer’s new name.

Use the following checklist while doing a final verification that the console and all its peripherals are fully configured:. Plan for Microsoft Teams Rooms.



Bulk install Teams using Windows Installer (MSI) – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.Microsoft Teams MSI Installer

The Teams MSI will place an installer in Program Files. Whenever a user signs into a new Windows User Profile, the installer will be. Part 2: Installing Microsoft Teams Room in Hyper-V. In this part we are going to install a Windows 10 device in Hyper-V, install the SRS.


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