Photoshop CC vs CS6: What Version to Choose?

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Adobe photoshop cc vs cs6 vs lightroom free download. Photoshop CC vs. CS6: which is best between the two? 2021 (2022)

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Lightroom is designed specifically for photo editing and organising images. It lets you rate and categorise your images, making the output from large shoots more manageable, and it lets you make all the basic non-destructive adjustments to exposure, the tone curve and colour grading, including masking options and basic object removal. Photoshop, meanwhile, is a more powerful and broader program aimed at graphic designers and illustrators as much as photographers. It allows you to make much more complex manipulations using layers to add or remove objects to images, create composites and transform elements in a scene.

Don’t have either program yet? Both are tools offered on a subscription basis either together in a photography package or in an all-apps package. You can get a free trial of Creative Cloud opens in new tab to try them out. See the best Adobe Creative Cloud discounts to see how much you’ll have to pay after the trial — or see today’s best prices below.

If you’re looking for alternatives, see our list of the best photo editing software. Lightroom is a non-destructive image editor with image organisation, batch-processing, and intelligent editing tools. Introduced by Adobe in , it’s one of the most popular photo-editing programs among photographers.

It now comes in two forms: Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. The former is a newer program aimed at more casual users. It has a simpler, cleaner user interface, making it easier to use, particularly on portable touchscreen devices.

It’s available on desktop, iPad, and iOS or Android and is linked to the cloud so edits are synchronised across devices immediately. Lightroom Classic is the traditional version of Lightroom favoured by professionals who need more editing tools and a more complex organisational element. It primarily uses local storage, but can synchronise collections and photos with the cloud if needed.

Lightroom has several modules or sections for different uses. The Library takes care of arranging, organising and filtering images based on collections, keywords and more. The Develop module is where you’ll find the editing tools. These cover the ability to adjust exposure, tones, colour, detail, lens corrections and more in a range of image formats, including uncompressed RAW images straight from a camera.

It does pretty much everything you’d want to do when editing an image, including allowing you to add masks in order to edit specific sections of an image. Where it’s more limited is when it comes to making more drastic modifications, such as removing larger unwanted objects or retouching.

Other modules in the software permit geotagging, mixed media outputs such as slideshows or contact sheets and the preparation of images for print or web use. Download a 7-day free trial of Lightroom for PC or Mac opens in new tab Try the latest release of Lightroom for free with a seven-day trial from Adobe. If you like it, you can convert to a paid subscription. If not, you can cancel before the trial ends, and you won’t pay a thing.

While Lightroom gives you want for photo editing, Photoshop offers much broader digital art and image manipulation tools that have made it so famous. In fact, the name is a little bit misleading since it’s not just for photos at all, but for everything from illustration and graphic design to 3D work. Photoshop CC, being the updated version of Photoshop CS6, is more powerful, has newer features and tools, and is more reliable considering the support offered.

Based on that, Photoshop CC is better. However, when it comes to pricing, it feels like a rip off and the design community has been vocal against the monthly subscription that they have to pay to use Photoshop CC.

Photoshop CC brings the Adobe suite of creativity in the cloud.. In order to understand better, the CC, we need to understand the Creative Cloud.. For sure Photoshop CC has an advantage when we speak about cloud collaboration.. Here, Photoshop CC also brings some new addition.. What Photoshop CC has different is Intelligent upsampling.. What is the difference between these two versions of the same application?

Which one has fared better over time? Photoshop CS6 is an older version of Photoshop that was released many years ago.. A simpler version of Photoshop CC..

Under this new platform, Photoshop CC is now purchasable on a monthly subscription fee and grants users access to the latest versions as long as they remain subscribed.. Adobe Photoshop CS6 noted for being the sixth version of the Adobe Creative Suite was noticeably different in this regard.. The mobile version of Photoshop CC is also quite capable of how many vital features transfer over from the desktop version..

So while CS6 may be a retired piece of programming, Photoshop CC still remains far more capable, and the likes of Photoshop Elements will perfectly fill in that gap for the CS6-craving designer who wants to turn back the clock a bit.. Is Photoshop CC the same as Photoshop?. Photoshop CC can be obtained from the Adobe website, either through visiting the Photoshop landing page or just going to the central site..

CS6 is a version of Photoshop that has been completely discontinued at Adobe as all programs now come under the Creative Cloud line of apps that operate on subscriptions and downloads for updates..

The best version of Photoshop to use would be the current version of Photoshop CC. In dem Artikel versuchen wir zu zeigen, Photoshop CC vs. Im Oktober folgte auf die Version Dies ist das beste Werkzeug, wenn Sie eine Auswahl treffen wollen.. In der Photoshop CC vs. Diese Version von Photoshop wird nicht mehr verkauft. I recommend picking Photoshop CC since this version includes all the features presented in CS6, along with advanced tools for creating symmetrical pictures and working with 3D images.

You can also upload your project right to the cloud in order to return to it at any time and from any device. Photoshop CS6 offers basic photo editing tools, smart objects, and a free form Pen tool.. Photoshop CC brings together all the features of CS6 and complements the functionality with more advanced image editing tools and the latest plug-ins..

The Photoshop CS6 vs CC comparison shows that the advantage of the CC version is in the possibility to use Camera Raw as a preset, apply it to any image layer and change color temperature, exposure, and geometry.. Photoshop CC has a tool that can identify fonts in images and find the most appropriate ones in the Adobe collection.. Using Photoshop CC, you have access to all features presented in Lightroom.. Just select a particular part in the picture, then click and drag to move it with the Content-Aware Move tool, and Photoshop will automatically fill in the rest of the area..

You get tools for creating and enhancing photos, illustrations, and 3D images, as well as Adobe Fresco, GB of cloud storage, your own portfolio site, and premium fonts.. One of the most used editing software options that you can get today is Adobe Photoshop.

You can download it by having a single license done with a one-time payment. Photoshop CC What it does is it creates a selection by choosing the areas of the image that are in focus.. This is the best tool when you want to make a selection.. What Adobe products do you need at this moment?. Do you already have a similar product that you can upgrade?. After you figure them out it should be easy to navigate around this..

When ready make the decision and enjoy your new program. Adobe Photoshop, the common and commonly used photo editing app, is available in a variety of. You can directly import any of them for free from Adobe Photoshop, implying that this edition provides you with enough functionality to optimise.. Furthermore, this edition gives you a better way to edit images.. Adobe Photoshop is the most fundamental picture editing programme.. In October , Adobe launched the CS Creative Suite label after thirteen number iterations with significant changes..

Following the number edition and Adobe CS, Adobe launched CC formats, which are accessible for a monthly and yearly subscription and provide regular upgrades at no additional expense.. Photoshop CC is a cutting-edge image editing programme that helps users to view Lightroom Photos and post their creations on social media.. Photoshop is simple editing programme that can be used by anybody, even non-professionals..

Photoshop CC, on the other hand, allows the job easier until you grasp the techniques and when to use them.. Photoshop CC has the significant benefit of allowing users to view Lightroom images as well. There’s a few Photoshop versions out there, so which one to invest in? Aside from including brushes and pencils, Photoshop CC allows you to adjust additional settings for them.

For example, smooth strokes or enhance symmetry. Advanced 3D editing capabilities. The 3D Scene panel includes a rich array of tools to work with a 3D picture. It is possible to create instances of 3D objects and copy them. Once you edit duplicate items, all the changes will be reflected in the source object.

Besides, Photoshop CC offers the possibility to transform panorama pictures into a degree movie or pin it to different shapes, including cone, sphere, or doughnut. You can also use color-coded 3D print previews, control the bump-map depth and simplify 3D meshes.

Improved control over the Content-Aware Fill tool. With this tool, it is possible to quickly get rid of unwanted elements in your images. For example, you can remove people or unnecessary objects in the background. When you use a Fill tool, the surrounding area around the distant object will appear as if there was nothing there initially. You can specify areas in your photos that you want to fill and those parts that you need to keep intact.

Access projects remotely from any device. This means that you will have remote access to your projects from any device. Also, it is possible to edit the same image with colleagues simultaneously.

Facial features recognition. The Face-Aware Liquify tool not only recognizes a face in the image but transforms it. It is even possible to turn a sad face into a smiling one. This tool detects facial features such as eyes and mouth so you can change them. To do this, you can use the sliders that regulate the size of the eyes and nose, the width of the face, and the jawline. You can considerably enhance your photo while preserving its realistic look. Simple adjustment of camera-shake reduction.

This tool reduces the camera shake effect in a photo by aligning the shifted pixels. You can select the areas where you want to estimate blur trace.



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Photoshop CS6 offers basic photo editing tools, smart objects, and a free form Pen tool. It also supports old plug-ins. Download 1,,+ High-Quality Assets from the Adobe Stock Free where Lightroom CC comes together with Photoshop CC for just $/mo.


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