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Foldable screens and new dual screen devices have increasingly become the trend. Manufacturers now want to show themselves as forward thinking hardware developers. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10X operating system has long been rumored to be the software giant’s first foray into the dual screen world we all look likely According to a recent New York Times article, your phone number has loads of personal information attached to it.

Quite often, websites and apps ask us for our phone number when logging in or creating an account. Jacob Yothment – 3 years ago. Every app these days seems to have a new dark mode or one in development.

This is due in part to the appearance a slick black background can give but also due to recent research from Google that shows darker colors use up less battery power on devices with The podcasting world has always been a bit of the Wild West. You’d discover a series through word of mouth or maybe by way of an article listing recommendations. Then it’s on you to use a podcasting app or go to the website to download the episode and listen..

Ben Bowman – 3 years ago. A new leak shows that Windows 10’s new look will not feature live tiles. For those who do not know, live tiles are the moving tiles on your Start menu.

The latest versions of the best software Hand picked software titles – only the best! Tested for malware, adware and viruses No added bundles or toolbars Popular software Latest updates. But you can always bet on the original download site for a winner. No matter which software you need, you can find it using a simple Google search. In most cases, the official site will be listed as the first search result or at least within the first search page.

In latest Windows versions, if you had to choose between Microsoft Store and the official third-party website, you should always opt for the former if available. This is because the Microsoft Store version has been specifically tested and optimized for performance on your device. For example, Netflix available in Microsoft Store refits exactly according to your Windows screen size, and looks so much better.

They are a cut above the typical online sources because of internal malware checks, verified user ratings, and a safe, straightforward download experience. SourceForge is worth its reputation as a reliable open source and business software download site.

What I like most about SourceForge is that it aims to address an important user concern that the third-party software may not be the official one.

The site further reassures us of safety by scanning all installations for malware. If flagged, you can view clearly displayed warnings on the downloads. From an intuitive search button, you can zero in on any software you need, including its latest and legacy versions.

The collection of software is similarly impressive. Currently, SourceForge hosts over , projects, including nearly 80, business software. From a user experience perspective, SourceForge is easily a top third-party recommendation for us. Also read: What is Antimalware Service Executable? Nearly , of them. Apart from mainly open source software, you can find thousands of Windows repositories such as its latest Windows Terminal , Skype for Business, Docker, Azure, PowerToys, and much more.

All the software versions are malware free and updated in real time by a global community of developers. If malware is ever detected on a GitHub page, they promptly remove the software.

GitHub has today become a necessary tool for advanced developers, but you can find a lot of solutions for the casual user. One stumbling block is that there are no direct download links. The best way to use GitHub is to go to the top level of a repository and choose a download Zip option from a code pull-down menu. Are you an avid gamer? It not only has a collection of over 30, gaming software for Windows and other OS but also some of the best discounted prices, user reviews, and a community million strong.

You have to install the Steam software from the official link and need a Steam ID and library manager. Once done, you can download any game you want. Until recently, Steam was the number one source for Windows gaming software, but Epic Games is better in so many ways. With virtual reality VR attracting hard core gamers, Epic Games has the single most largest collection of the best game franchises.

You only need to download the Epic Installer for Windows once. Also read: Steam vs. However, to be extra safe and cautious, we recommend that all installer files downloaded from these links should at least be tested at Virus Total.

We have so far discussed the latest software downloading environments. Filepuma posts up-to-date versions of the most popular software. You can also download its free update detector to get upgrade notifications.

Minimal and elegant, Filepuma is a nice simple choice for your software downloads. The only annoyance is the ads on the main page not on the software , which can be easily turned off. Just check the boxes for all the products you need, and Ninite automatically downloads the latest version of each and installs it for you.

Ninite Pro software is used by thousands of companies for its great reliability. The only drawback: the range of available software is rather limited. Softpedia is one the biggest and most popular free software download sites where you can find almost any free and paid software you need for multiple platforms.

Unlike the previous two options, Softpedia offers more variety and scale in terms of available downloads. Another good thing about this source is that you will always get the latest version of the software you need. Moreover, it also provides you with software reviews and actual screenshots for almost all the popular and most-used software. DownloadCrew has recently updated its navigation menus and features selection to provide intuitive access to software on Windows and other platforms.

It expressly provides the latest download links, mentions the last update dates, and gives comments on software use. With a neat interface and easy-to-read font style, you can easily zero in on your desired software. This is a good site with an exhaustive list of Windows and third-party software solutions.

FileHorse offers a handy selection of high-quality software and apps for Windows and macOS. All the software are frequently updated with the latest versions. Along with the download links, you get a complete description on whether the software is free or a free trial, and the key features to expect. You also get a handy list of alternatives to the software, although not as exhaustive as Alternative. A prominent security status badge next to each software download reassures you of file safety.

Also read: 8 Ways to Customize Windows Terminal. Chocolatey is a simple coding platform that helps download any program on a Windows PC. To download any software through Chocolatey, you have to run PowerShell or Windows Terminal in admin mode and install Chocolatey using the following command.

Once Chocolatey is installed on your system, you can search for the relevant maintained package on the site. To install any software using Chocolatey, just type choco install “software name”. The following screen shows how to install Google Drive File Stream. A sketchy art website as a download source for software seems unnatural.


[30 Best Free Software Download Sites For Windows in


Then, clicking the download button will give you a custom installer file that bundles all the selected programs together, allowing you to install them in bulk. Ninite is known for its safety and security. It automatically declines toolbars and extra junk, runs in the background, and doesn’t require you to click Next over and over. Thus, there’s no risk of malware or bundled garbage. Running the same installer file later will cause Ninite to automatically update everything you downloaded originally.

Keep in it mind next time you’re setting up a new computer. Softpedia is one of the largest download sites around; it’s delivered over three billion downloads over the years. The most popular apps are updated every day, allowing you to get clean and malware-free software that’s also as recent as possible. On top of this, it has an easy-to-use interface that makes it painless to browse for programs on any platform. You can browse what’s been updated recently, or search using filters like categories, last updated, and cost.

In addition to Windows, you’ll find Mac, Linux, and Android apps too. Even though the site looks like it hasn’t been updated since the s, MajorGeeks has been one of the most reputable software download sites for some time. Its list of Top Freeware Picks is a great place to start, but don’t be afraid to browse the left sidebar and look through all kinds of highly-rated programs that you might find handy.

Otherwise, searching will help find what you’re looking for. FileHippo is a well-known site with tons of active programs broken down into categories. It also has a repository of web apps, if you aren’t set on just downloading desktop software.

The site will occasionally prompt you to download another app such as Opera before the one you asked for. But this is clearly labeled, easy to skip, and doesn’t push shady software. FileHippo goes further by also offering older versions of software. While you generally shouldn’t install outdated software for security reasons, it’s a useful option to have in case you run into issues with the latest version. Download Crew’s website stands out thanks to its short but informative descriptions on each app page.

These are written by real users, not just copied and pasted from the vendor’s website. Filehippo is one of the most used downloader sites that you can download software for free in just a few clicks and without any hassle. Aside from that, it has an organized function wherein you can effortlessly search software that you want to get on its default search bar.

Next on the list is Filepuma. With the help of this program, you can download your preferred software that is compatible with Windows and mobile devices. Similar to the other tool, Filepuma also consists of organized features such as a search bar. It can be called one of the best websites to download applications because of its drag-and-drop features, which are very helpful to the users.

Softpedia is another downloading site that you can use to grab several useful software for free. It is one of the largest downloading sites in the world. It provides for over a billion downloads over the years. Hence, it lets you download malware-free programs as recently as possible.

Besides, most of the software that you want to grab from this site is updated. Aside from Windows, you can find Linux, Mac, and Android apps too. If you are searching for famous downloading sites, Cnet Download is one of them. It keeps you from spyware-free software updates, and it provides security when it comes to downloading software. One of the best things about this site is that it lets you scan your computer and notifies you once the updates are available for the programs you have installed on your PC.

Meanwhile, it became the best site to download programs for free because it supports a comprehensive list of all types of programs and of the oldest of its kind. Besides that, most of the downloads are usually reviewed by the editors to make sure the publisher is registered.

SourceForge is an open-source downloading site that enables you to get software anytime you want as long as you are connected with an internet connection.

If you want to download multiple software without interruption, you can visit this site and use it. On top of that, its functions are well-arranged that even beginners can use it without any guidelines. Hence, it can be one of the best site to download programs for free because of its easy features. You can find details about the program you wish to download on Windows, Mac, and more.

Of course, you are also using your mobile phones for gaming or for work. If you want to download some helpful apps on your Android devices for free, you can use the Google Play Store. All the softwares are descriptive, so you can thoroughly study its features before downloading. Get Into PC has good customer support.

You can get queries immediately resolved as they respond very quickly. This is one of the most trustworthy software. Filehorse has softwares for windows as well as Mac. Unlike most of the software download sites, you won’t be able to trace a thousand softwares here. But, you can definitely put your hands on the most popular ones. FileHorse uploads safe to download virus and malware-free softwares on its website.

You can choose and browse a list of over a hundred thousand softwares. It has a wide variety for you to choose from. There are games, camera softwares, movies, etc. The products here are all rated and reviewed for user assistance. You can write one too if you are a registered user. You will discover more than freeware and open sources programs. It offers safe downloads to the user. All the softwares are divided into numerous categories. For example, if you’re searching for editing software, you can go to the photography section.

Free Software Files is an easy-to-use and safe software downloading website. FilePuma provides softwares without spyware and viruses to its users. You can download them quickly from their optimized pages. It will barely take you a few seconds to get the software installed on your device. The site also comes with a free update detector. You can scan your computer and receive notifications for available updates. Not just the updated ones, you’ll also find the old version of software on FilePuma’s website.

Softonic is a well-known website and company. It was established in and since then has provided its services to the world. You can find over a hundred thousand freeware, shareware and trial softwares to download. You can read reviews in eight different languages, including Portuguese and Polish. There are almost all types of free softwares that a user can download. Full Free Software is a freeware website. You will be spared from the trouble of hidden links and clickbaits on this website.

You just go and get your software installed. It has gained a lot of popularity for the availability of softwares that can resolve all the everyday issues in your device. NirSoft is named after its owner Nir Sofer.

You will be able to download a lot of free softwares for your device at this site. The creator of the website is also the one who manages it. You will find that the file sizes are usually small and easy to download.

You’ll find almost all kinds of free softwares here. As the name suggests, Ask4Pc has got free softwares for your personal computer PC. As you open the website, you’ll find that the softwares are divided into eight broad categories i.

If you are already into downloading free softwares, you might have heard about Sourceforge. The company has got a story. It was very popular in its initial years. Later the company was sold and received a lot of hate for viruses and malware.

Later on, it was again bought by another company which discontinued the presence of third-party apps. After that, it surged into popularity again. SourceForge remains as one of the most trusted and variety-providing software download websites. To get the assurance, you can go to its homepage and checkout for the number of downloads people have made in a single week. Download crew has software for a crew of devices. It just means that you’ll find free softwares for windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad as well as Android.

You will find brief reviews and descriptions of every software on this website. This makes it easier to know the uses and features of your software. SnapFiles is an easy-to-use software with which you can download shareware as well as freeware.

Snap files rates and reviews the softwares and categorizes it for you to download. SnapFiles was established in All the programs are tested and checked before they make it to the website. LO4D has divided its softwares into 12 broad categories. There are softwares for audio and video, business and development, customisation, education, games, graphics, hardware software, internet software, mobile phone, security system optimisation and utilities.

It has a built-in antivirus system to protect your device. It is also free from installers, download managers and Adware.


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Looking to download safe free versions of the latest software, freeware, shareware and demo programs from a reputable download site? Visit FileHippo today. Ninite. Ninite is one of the best free software download sites that provides some popular software, like Chrome, VLC, Gimp, Foxit Reader.


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