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In addition to referring specific locations known as pointers in physical memory, you can also use addresses to reference display window identifiers known as handles. The size in bytes of the pointer or handle depends on whether you’re using a bit or bit system.

If you want to run your existing solutions with the bit versions of Office, be aware of the following:. Native bit processes in Office cannot load bit binaries. This is expected to be a common issue when you have existing Microsoft ActiveX controls and existing add-ins. VBA previously didn’t have a pointer data type, so you had to use bit variables to store pointers and handles.

These variables now truncate bit values returned by API calls when using Declare statements. VBA 7 is available in both the bit and bit versions of Office. It provides two conditional compilation constants:. With certain exceptions, the macros in a document that work in the bit version of the application also work in the bit version. Existing bit ActiveX controls, are not compatible with the bit versions of Office. These controls were installed by bit versions of Office earlier than Office You’ll need to find an alternative for your existing VBA solutions that use these controls when you migrate the code to the bit versions of Office.

The combination of VBA and type libraries gives you lots of functionality to create Office applications. However, sometimes you must communicate directly with the computer’s operating system and other components, such as when you manage memory or processes, when working with UI elements linke windows and controls, or when modifying the Windows registry.

In these scenarios, your best option is to use one of the external functions that are embedded in DLL files. Microsoft provides a Win32API. However, these statements are for bit systems and must be converted to bit by using the information discussed later in this article. Existing Declare statements won’t compile in bit VBA until they’ve been marked as safe for bit by using the PtrSafe attribute. The Office Code Compatibility Inspector user’s guide is a useful tool to inspect the syntax of API Declare statements for the PtrSafe attribute, if needed, and the appropriate return type.

Declare statements resemble one of the following, depending on whether you are calling a subroutine which has no return value or a function which does have a return value.

The SubName function or FunctionName function is replaced by the actual name of the procedure in the DLL file and represents the name that is used when the procedure is called from VBA code. You can also specify an AliasName argument for the name of the procedure.

The name of the DLL file that contains the procedure being called follows the Lib keyword. And finally, the argument list contains the parameters and the data types that must be passed to the procedure. The following Declare statement opens a subkey in the Windows registry and replaces its value. This is because HKEY is defined as a pointer, whose size reflects the memory size of the platform that the code is compiled in. In previous versions of VBA, there was no specific pointer data type so the Long data type was used.

And because the Long data type is always bits, this breaks when used on a system with bit memory because the upper bits might be truncated or might overwrite other memory addresses. Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. KahtleenTasman85 Independent Advisor. I would be happy to help you today. Check what kind of processor you have, so you know if you need Office 32 or 64 bits Check this link, I hope it helps.

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Sometimes called Add-ins, Macros, Controls, Automation Servers, Objects, or References hereinafter, simply “Tools” , each Office app can use a plethora of Microsoft and 3rd-party Tools to perform tasks. As an external resource file, a Tool might be in the file form of.

Usually, a single 3rd-party Tool file is compatible with either bit Office or bit Office, but not both. For most 3rd-party Tools to work with both-bit Office, they must be developed and exist in two different bit version files like Office. There are more than free and commercial bit Office Tools. There are fewer bit Office Tools, and nearly all such Tools exist in a bit edition. Most Tools are unhindered by a 2 GB memory limit to function for their purpose.

As a result, the time to produce bit editions are not necessarily pursued first, if at all. That’s right Whether you’re on a remote drilling rig or performing any mission critical operation, reducing the potential for computer problems has value and a stable Office is less likely prone to glitches.

Going forward, a fixed version of Office should be considered an option in the mix. There are potential tradeoffs between bit and bit Office. However, one is not necessarily better-at-all-things than the other by virtue of its existence. The potential limitation of bit Office is compatibility with a universe of resources.

The potential limitation of bit Office is the inability to process atypically large files. Microsoft licensing usually makes it easy to switch to the other-bit Office at any time.

Entities that prefer both-bit Office availability sometimes do so with Windows and either-bit Office running on a virtual machine server. Here’s the link to the above snip.



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Mar 31,  · The bit versions of Office enable you to move more data around for increased capability, for example when you work with large numbers in Microsoft Excel When writing bit code, you can use the bit version of Office without any changes. However, when you write bit code, you should ensure that your code contains specific keywords. Jan 21,  · Here are pertinent characteristics: bit Office can use more virtual address space (“memory”) if needed, than can bit Office. bit Office and Office apps do not automatically run faster or slower than on bit Office but slightly speed-wise they can differ. Multiple factors and dependencies are at play. From the top of the page, select Services and subscriptions and on that page find the Office product you want to install and select Install. To install Office in a different language, or to install the bit version, select the link Other options. Choose the language and bit version you want, and then select Install.


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